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Larkspur's new arrivals will be listed on this page. Horses going into the lesson program, for sale, and others to be welcomed to our horsey herd. Look for more information on these horses on our sales pages.

Autumn, Chocolate Labrador and Beau, Siberian Husky
Autumn was Joe's Christmas gift to Missy in 2006 and Beau was Missy's father's day gift to Joe in 2007. Spoilt rotten the pair of them!!

Sgt. Beaubien

Dutchess Autumn of Puddleduck

This weeks addition is little "Miss MaryGoldnWhite"....this filly is by our own, Royal Score Three and out of KR Special Te. Shes a deep golden palomino tobiano...four white socks and a perfect little white goldfish on her side. Born sunday morning, May the 6th...Mama and filly are doing fine and will be joining MayFour and ella in the baby pasture in a day or so. Not great pics, better coming later!

Still a little wobbly...time to let mama and baby have some time alone.

First day outside, Monday, May the 7th 2007!

Peanut at 2 years old...

Meet "May's Mirabella" Midnight Matt x Lady's MayFour....our newest addition, little ella will be a permanent part of our herd here at the ranch along with several of her siblings! She was born at 5:30 am on Saturday the 28th of April. Dr. Chappell pronounced her a fit, healthy filly.

Cheyenne presented us with a buckskin tobiano filly on November 1st, 2006. TigerLilly is a blue eyed little chunk of a filly. Daddy is an APHA stud, buckskin/w blue eyes...this filly is going to be a tank! Happy, healthy, and loves everybody.

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