In Memory of those we have lost.

Bens Barred
AQHA 1717729
Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge all too soon at age 23, on October 12, 2004 from a sudden attack of colic. Benji will be sadly missed by all of us here at the ranch..he was a true Gentleman and a good boy right up till the end. We are diminished without him. His beauty, grace, sweet temperment, and elegance can never be replaced.

1981 Sorrel Stallion. Three Bars, Barred, and Blackburn breeding. Benji is a total gentleman on the ground and under saddle, produces well built, well behaved and intelligent babies. Truly one of a kind, our senior stallion certainly doesn't show his age. Rides out alone or with groups...amongst our herd of mares and geldings...always a pleasure to be around. Benji's front knees were injured by a shod mare early in his breeding career which left him unable to be shown. His babies are all beautiful and carry his elegance and sweet temperment.

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Royal Score Three
05/10/1988 - 04/21/2008

Regal, gentle, mischevious...and 20 years was not nearly enough. Score was our Senior stallion..bred, born, and spent his life here. His Sire and Grandsire were both here as well. You could not meet him and not fall in love with him...and he passed that on to his foals...we were blessed to have two lovely fillies in the year before he passed and they will stay here to continue his legacy. He was the King of Larkspur Ranch, he knew it and so did every person and horse here. He will be missed more than words can ever say.

Midnight Matt "Mighty Man"
Crossed the Rainbow bridge August 7th, 2009

My fabulous boy crossed the Rainbow bridge on August 7th, 2009 from a sudden and unexpected illness. His untimely passing has broken many hearts...mine most of all. He was as close to perfect as any horse I've ever known, my constant riding companion, and a beloved friend. He can never be replaced but he will be honored and remembered. The outpouring of compassion and support from all my friends here on the ranch and from my husband Joe has helped make this bearable. I cannot thank you all enough.

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Our Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge on July 27, 2009.
He spent the day before running in the pasture with Bailey and Bandit chasing Cubby.
His passing was quiet and peaceful. Now he can run with Speck, Charlotte, Popsie, and Duchess .... and tip over as many garbage cans as he wants.
We will all miss him.

Joe's tribute to Charlie:
Our old Retriever mix, mutt, stray Charlie was put to sleep today.
Charlie had to be about 9 million years old, his canine teeth were nothing but nubs when he wandered into our lives 5 years ago.
His coat was hard and brittle fom a bad diet and he had never been "fixed".
His last 5 years have been happy ones running with the other dogs on trail rides with the horses and keeping watch on the barns.
One year he fell in love with the pot bellied pig because she was the only female on the ranch..
the rest of the dogs shunned him for weeks afterward.
He wasn't much of a cat lover and only tolerated the new puppys
but every once in a while one of the kittens was taken in by him and they would be inseperable for months.
He had hip problems that were added to when he wandered into the highway and got smacked by a passing car.
Up to yesterday he was still wanting to follow my wife
and the barn workers out into the pasture and howled sadly to be left
behind because the temps were in the triple digits.
Today he couldn't get out of the doghouse and he moaned and shook when you touched him,
he looked like he hadn't eatten in three or four days but we know he did.
Just a sad sack of old bones and big feet,
we took a fan out to the doghouse and called the vet to come out
since he was in no shape to be moved without undue pain.
The fan made him more comfortable and he stopped lowly howling....
the vet came as soon as he could and helped Charlie move on to a better place
and we buried him in the back yard next some of the other pets and
special horses we've lost throughout the past 40 years here....
he's in good company and though we will cry tonight and
miss him he's pain free now and is his old self somewhere
running with the other dogs just like he did years ago...

Goodbye Charlie, thank you for sharing your life with were a "good dog"....

Charlie and his buddy BinKitten.