Larkspur Ranch

Pablo, Friday, and Crystal..Winter 2008

Chris and Nokomis discuss never putting your arm out to break a fall. Photos of Chris in his new cast coming soon.

Future Heartbreaker!!

Anna and Popeye at Natural Horsemanship training. We're very proud of them both!!

Zach and his first boy, Dillinger.

Did someone say Feed???

Our girl peanut, a Royal Score III baby, not enjoying the summer heat.

Peanut's pasture mate, Mays Mirabella..Ella is a full sister to M&M and Whisper...Her daddy is Mighty Man. Wow, shes going to be tall!!

Happy Days...Blue, Dutchess, and Stardust in the Lbarn pasture. We certainly miss Dutchess...

Blue feeling his oats!

Dutchess and Autumn, spring 2007, the true meaning of Best Friends Forever.

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